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between spaces – a photograher at work


Yellowstone, August 2013

During my 2013 TransAm cycling trip I traveled together with Irish photographer Garry Loughlin for six weeks. I saw him taking many photos. Right now he’s trying to get a photo book printed of his six month cycling journey across the US.  “Between Spaces” is a series of both landscape and portrait photographs, you can fund it here. Visit A Digital Scrapbook for examples of his work. I really want to see this book happen, no doubt there’s some great pictures in it. And who knows, maybe the photo he’s taking in my photo above is in it?!

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Bicycle Wanderings!

It’s been a bit quiet on this blog recently. There’s a reason for that: I’ve been busy planning my upcoming bicycle tour across Canada. And writing a new blog for it! You can follow my journey on Bicycle Wanderings. A place for travel stories and obviously lots of photos. But no worries, Camera Wanderings will continue to exist as a place to post just a few of my better photos every week. The more wandering, the better!


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Newport OR, September 2013

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