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Ride to Live, Live to Ride


Montana, August 2013

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Pirates of the Grand Teton


Wyoming, June 2013

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Halifax to Vancouver

Ride my bicycle across Canada? Why not?! Read about my present and past bicycle traveling on my all-new Bicycle Wanderings blog! (or the Facebook Camera/Bicycle Wanderings page)


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Bicycle Wanderings!

It’s been a bit quiet on this blog recently. There’s a reason for that: I’ve been busy planning my upcoming bicycle tour across Canada. And writing a new blog for it! You can follow my journey on Bicycle Wanderings. A place for travel stories and obviously lots of photos. But no worries, Camera Wanderings will continue to exist as a place to post just a few of my better photos every week. The more wandering, the better!


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26 Dec: “the decision is made: it’s too cold, the bike is staying home. Of course I will regret this at some point.

And yes of course I did regret it already after a few days. But there’s a solution to every problem: I bought a nineties (1998?) Trek mountain bike on Craigslist. I was a bit hesitant when at first but I saw some potential after seeing many of these bicycles pass by while working at a Trek selling bicycle shop for three years. After I cleaned it, fixed the loose headset, tightened the suspension and straightened the wheels I realised that this bike was in great condition for its age. This might sound nostalgic but there used to be a time when even the cheaper Trek mountain bikes were of a basic quality (and for example, my bike came with a cheaper but reliable RockShox suspension fork instead of the zero quality forks they assemble these days). On top of that the bike is a perfect fit for me and it has the type of road tyres I prefer. And it gets even better: I bought it for only $45! All I needed was a new saddle which cost me half the price of the bicycle :-). Annie and I biked through the Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday and the bike as well as the scenery was phenomenal. I hope to do some longer bicycle rides in the next two weeks (one of them to a curious place called ‘Nederland’). And after that me and my bicycle are going to explore some more US national parks on our road trip.


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vertical landscapes


Another Colorado roadscape from my TansAm journey. Cycling across the States meant going through these immense and gorgeous landscapes, so I came back home with quite a collection of landscape photos. I don’t have a lot of experience with landscape photography so this was a new challenge to me. Personally I think that it doesn’t take that much to take a fairly decent landscape photo. But taking great landscape pictures that stand out amongst the rest is true craftmanship. It requires experience, talent for ‘reading’ a landscape and most of all passion for it. Three things I’m lacking when it comes to landscape photography I’m afraid. Nevertheless that didn’t stop me from taking tons of landscape photos. A while into my trip I came to realize that I was shooting nearly all my landscapes vertically. Just because that’s how I photograph: probably about 80% of my photos are verticals. It’s not intentional, it just happens and I like to think that it’s becoming part of my style. But of course there’s this traditional distinction between vertical/portrait and horizontal/landscape photo formats. I’ve never been such a fan of categorising things, so here are ten more vertical landscapes:

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colorado roadscape


Time for a colour photo. One of my few sunny pictures of Colorado. This one was taken just before cycling into Wyoming as the sky started to clear up after a rainy passage over the Rockies. There’s probably a ton of snow at this place right now. I don’t think I have fully realized yet how cold it will be in Estes Park compared to the early spring temperatures we’re having here in Belgium but I’m really looking forward to it. I won’t be cycling anyway. Actually I considered bringing my bicycle with me since Icelandair only charges 39€ for a packed bicyle. But the decison is made: it’s too cold, the bike is staying home. Of course I will regret this at some point.

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