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there’s always a water tower on top of those countless thiérache hills

Thiérache, jun’15

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Two days ago WordPress notified me that I had just reached my 100th post. So I guess that’s a good time to look back. This post presents nine photos that for some reason didn’t make it. They aren’t failed pictures or anything, just (slightly) different versions of the same reality. They only exist on my laptop and in my mind, until now. I know very well you’re not supposed to do this: you choose your photo and stick to it. But picking the right photo is time and time again a real ordeal for me. Evidently choosing is losing and all those kind of clichés. Partly because of that I don’t tend to take a lot of pictures of the same subject. I see something, try to frame it and move on. For me, if it doesn’t work right away it won’t work after ten or twenty more pictures. I try not to fall for the illusion that the photos after the first two or three will be that much better. All that provides for is another full hard drive, a cluttered Lightroom library and more time spent picking the right photo, which in the end will be one of the first ones anyway. The same goes for post-editing. By getting the frame and lighting right the first time I try to keep that other ordeal to a minimum too. Pre-editing is the key. I love taking photos but I don’t as much enjoy processing them. That’s why this blog is a good way to keep that processing going on a more regular basis. But choosing will always be difficult, so here are nine losers that I’m giving a second chance:

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 Paris, March 2014

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Usually I’ll be one of the first persons to embrace the coming of Spring (if only I could get rid of the hay fever that comes with it since a few years). But for once I wish Winter could have been longer. My time in Colorado (and the Western US) has been unforgettable. This zombie is currently wandering the streets of Paris for a few days before taking a train to a place called home. As always Paris is grandiose. But there’s just too much going on in my head to fully enjoy it. I see photos all around me, I’m just not in the mood to capture them. Maybe it’s time to get inspired by an old master: this evening I’m going to the Henri Cartier-Bresson exposition in the Centre Pompidou. No doubt it will be great, I’m one of many that admire his work. Lets just hope I’ll leave inspired and not discouraged :-). And on Sunday a contemporary master awaits me in the Maison Européenne de la Photographie: Martin Parr. Really looking forward to this second exposition I just found out about. Winter, Colorado, … Annie, I miss you. See you.


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a new journey, a new blog


Self-portrait with a friend in a Parisian bakery window. With this photo I officially launch my new blog. This summer I cycled across the United States. In six days I am flying back to the States for two months. I will be staying in Estes Park, Colorado and go on a road trip to California. My intention is to keep some sort of photo journal of this trip. I am thinking something along the lines of a daily photo post. But I don’t want to call it my 60-days-photo-project or however you call such a thing. Simply because there might be days without photos and I can perfectly live with that. We”ll see where this blog goes in the future.

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