26 Dec: “the decision is made: it’s too cold, the bike is staying home. Of course I will regret this at some point.

And yes of course I did regret it already after a few days. But there’s a solution to every problem: I bought a nineties (1998?) Trek mountain bike on Craigslist. I was a bit hesitant when at first but I saw some potential after seeing many of these bicycles pass by while working at a Trek selling bicycle shop for three years. After I cleaned it, fixed the loose headset, tightened the suspension and straightened the wheels I realised that this bike was in great condition for its age. This might sound nostalgic but there used to be a time when even the cheaper Trek mountain bikes were of a basic quality (and for example, my bike came with a cheaper but reliable RockShox suspension fork instead of the zero quality forks they assemble these days). On top of that the bike is a perfect fit for me and it has the type of road tyres I prefer. And it gets even better: I bought it for only $45! All I needed was a new saddle which cost me half the price of the bicycle :-). Annie and I biked through the Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday and the bike as well as the scenery was phenomenal. I hope to do some longer bicycle rides in the next two weeks (one of them to a curious place called ‘Nederland’). And after that me and my bicycle are going to explore some more US national parks on our road trip.


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